Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Authentic" Jerseys: In case you get called up

The Difference between these two? $200 and your pride

Team jerseys aren't anything to put down; sure, they're really no newer to fans than steroids are to players, but they don't appear to take the "purity" out of the gameday experience. While I prefer to addend the game in more traditional garb, I don't want to bash fashion. What blows my mind though is the idea that by "upgrading" to the "authentic" model, a fan might connect more with the players. Let me give you a hint buddy; the only thing you two have in common is a pending court date.
Don't let it get you down. That

From my limited understanding a fan might gain some extras like "cool mesh", "authentic logos" and (in the case of hockey) "fight straps", but anyone who needs high airflow jerseys to get to their seats, should probably be watching that game from a treadmill instead. Here's an idea for you asshole, the next time you're trying to choose, squeeze yourself into the XXXXL replica (unless you're looking for his jersey, there's no such thing as XXXXL authentic), and use your savings to buy me some nachos... after all half of you is in my seat. Oh yeah, and get a grip on your kid.

My apologies about the earlier draft of this post... it turns out my fat example wasn't a fan, but David Wells... I'm sorry David.

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