Friday, February 13, 2009

The Snuggie: "But Wait! Call Now and You'll be That Guy!"

A blog that starts with "Made for TV" real inventive... Well I need to get started somewhere, so fuck you.  

Yes, Snuggie is the low-hanging fruit in the world of useless crap, but it deserves mention:  Now the fact that someone built a blanket that allows you to call LifeAlert without exposing your arms to the elements was a forgone conclusion; what makes Snuggie so incredible is this... and this... and this...

When Death Comes Knocking, answer the door in style!

Snuggie is the biggest full body garment craze since we overthrew the Taliban, but does it have the staying power of a Foreman Grill or a Mr. T's Flavorwave (look for this post soon!)?  Only time will tell, but with over 400,000 AARP retirees, librarians and Canadians already signed up, it seems as though the momentum is unstopable. 

I've love to stop the bullshit train myself, but if you dress her up in this psuedo-robe, even I'll forget that I'm being robbed of my favorite show, my $12.95 shipping & handling, and my dignity.  

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