Friday, February 13, 2009

Now That's What I call Music: Drowning out the Nonsense with Bullshit

It's amazing how time flies... It seems like just yesterday "That's what I call Music" paralyzed us with the likes of John Wozniak, Colin Greenwood and The Hanson Brothers.  Ten years and dozens of albums later, this franchise continues to hone in on the hottest artists, finding talent such as Chris Brown for their most recent release.  It's this high-brow talent that makes these albums the choice of barefoot teenage mothers everywhere: reminding them of those B-list hits to which their children were concieved.  

From Christmas to Country, Power Balads to Motown, "That's what I call Music" has boiled down every genre to the lowest common denominator.  By removing all individuality from a playlist, and the associated judgement factor, "That's What I call Music" has become as synomous with high school parties as overdone makeup and "sure I'm wearing one".  

As for me, I say fuck "That's what I call Music"... I'll save myself from judgement the old fashioned way; by turing on the radio.

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